Niki Lauda

The Art And Science Of Grand Prix Driving

(First Printing in Country)

Main Details
Author Niki Lauda
Co-Author Fritz Indra
Co-Author Herbert Völker
Translated by David Irving (3)
Photography Heinz-Dieter Fink*
Typeset by Watford Typesetters
Printed and Bound by The North Central Publishing Company
First Published by Orac Verlag
Copyright Holder (Translation) William Kimber & Co. Limited
Publisher Motorbooks International
About/Subject Niki Lauda
About/Subject Motorsport
About/Subject Racing
About/Subject Formula One
First Printing in Country
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0-87938-049-7
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 77-13985
Price $14.95
Format Hardback
Publication Location Osceola, Wisconsin, United States of America
Page Count 245 pages
Language English
Original Language German
Original Title Formel 1


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