Bad Alchemy



Main Details
Director Rigo Dittmann
Editor Rigo Dittmann
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Rigo Dittmann
Assistant Editor Michael Beck (2)
Assistant Editor Guido Zimmermann
Cover Art by Alex Gross
Periodical Title Bad Alchemy
About/Subject Æthenor
About/Subject Tetuzi Akiyama
About/Subject All Sides
About/Subject Jeffrey Allport
About/Subject Ryosuke Aoike
About/Subject Koji Asano
About/Subject Mélanie Auclair
About/Subject Augsburger Tafelconfect
About/Subject Gregorio Bardini
About/Subject Marc Behrens
About/Subject Andreas Bertilsson
About/Subject Bexar Bexar
About/Subject Maurizio Bianchi
About/Subject H. I. H. Biber*
About/Subject Big City Orkestre*
About/Subject Bill Brovold
About/Subject Black To Komm*
About/Subject Adam Bohman
About/Subject Алексей Борисов
About/Subject Camberwell Now*
About/Subject Cats On Fire
About/Subject Isaiha Ceccarelli
About/Subject Circle
About/Subject Cisfinitum
About/Subject Chris Cogburn
About/Subject Cooke Quintet
About/Subject Coolhaven
About/Subject Anla Courtis
About/Subject Sylvie Courvoisier
About/Subject Lol Coxhill
About/Subject Chris Cutler
About/Subject Giovanni Dal Monte
About/Subject Ted Daniel
About/Subject Das Synthetische Mischgewebe
About/Subject Kevin Davis
About/Subject Terry Day
About/Subject Marcelle Deschénes
About/Subject Francis Dhomont
About/Subject Christy Doran
About/Subject Axel Dörner
About/Subject Kevin Drumm
About/Subject Susanne Dubs
About/Subject André Duchesne (2)
About/Subject Brad Dutz
About/Subject Nikolaus Einhorn
About/Subject The Electrics
About/Subject Lawrence English
About/Subject Far Corner
About/Subject Faust
About/Subject Fear Falls Burning
About/Subject Fennesz
About/Subject The Free Zen Society
About/Subject Siegmar Fricke
About/Subject Fred Frith
About/Subject Dan Fröberg
About/Subject Fuckhead
About/Subject Satoko Fujii
About/Subject Fursaxa
About/Subject Christoph Gallio
About/Subject Grilly Biggs
About/Subject Gutevolk
About/Subject Barry Guy
About/Subject The Hafler Trio
About/Subject Hanna Hartman
About/Subject C. M. von Hausswolff*
About/Subject Emily Hay
About/Subject Michael Heilrath
About/Subject Hélice Pied
About/Subject Erdem Helvacioglu*
About/Subject Joane Hétu
About/Subject Mahlon Hoard
About/Subject Hugh Hopper
About/Subject Jasper TX
About/Subject Jason Kahn
About/Subject KK Null*
About/Subject Koch-Schütz-Studer
About/Subject Kommissar Hjuler
About/Subject David Kristian
About/Subject Kuupuu
About/Subject Jean-Francois Laporte*
About/Subject Bill Laswell
About/Subject Le Dépeupleur
About/Subject Richard Lerman
About/Subject Peter Liechti
About/Subject Lieutenant Caramel
About/Subject Fred Lonberg-Holm
About/Subject Love Dance
About/Subject Mahavishnu Project*
About/Subject Greg Malcolm
About/Subject Boris Malkovsky
About/Subject Michael Marcus
About/Subject Milenasong
About/Subject Phil Minton
About/Subject Moskitoo
About/Subject Günter Müller
About/Subject Nadja
About/Subject Alon Nechushtan
About/Subject News From Babel
About/Subject NID
About/Subject Anton Nikkilä
About/Subject Organ Eye
About/Subject Out Of Context
About/Subject Wayne Peet
About/Subject Pipeline Alpha
About/Subject Powerhouse Sound
About/Subject Priestbird
About/Subject Puttanesca
About/Subject Radio Zumbido
About/Subject Ned Rothenberg
About/Subject Frank Rothkamm
About/Subject Max Rouen
About/Subject John Russell (4)
About/Subject Jamie Saft
About/Subject Sandoz Lab Technicians
About/Subject Shining
About/Subject Matt Shoemaker
About/Subject Slaraffenland
About/Subject Ran Slavin
About/Subject Roger Smith (2)
About/Subject Wadada Leo Smith
About/Subject Günter Sommer
About/Subject Spontaneous Music Ensemble
About/Subject Norbert Stein
About/Subject PATA MUSIC
About/Subject Melissa Stott
About/Subject Co Streif Sextet
About/Subject Beat Streuli
About/Subject Submerged
About/Subject Ziya Tabassian
About/Subject Taiji Pole
About/Subject Natsuki Tamura
About/Subject Terminal Sound System
About/Subject Text Of Light
About/Subject Thilges
About/Subject Topias Tiheäsalo
About/Subject Scott Tinkler
About/Subject Troum
About/Subject Twocsinak & DJ Sarah Wilson*
About/Subject Uncle Woody Sullender*
About/Subject Wäldchengarten
About/Subject Ralf Wehowsky
About/Subject WoO
About/Subject Peter Wright (3)
About/Subject Y-Ton-G
About/Subject Otomo Yoshihide
About/Subject Die Zimmermänner
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 54
Format Magazine
Publication Location Würzburg, Germany
Page Count 86 pages
Language German
(H × W × D)
Chapters Otomo Yoshihide Quartet - Der diskrete Charm der leisen Töne
Survival Unit III - Northern Stars
India Cooke & Joëlle Leandre - Firedancers
Van Der Graaf Generator - The Angels Live Inside Me
Non credo
Das Pop-Analphabet: Æthenor - V/A
Ghédalia Tazartés
Sound & Vision: Music to Watch DVDs by
Freakshow Artrock Festival 2007
Lesen macht dumm:
Elend & Vergeltung - Revue & Corrigée - Testcard
21st Century Improvised Music


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