A. Grove Day

Pirates of the Pacific


Main Details
Author A. Grove Day
Publisher Meredith Press
Copyright Holder A. Grove Day
Manufacturing by Van Rees Press
About/Subject Piracy: Pacific
About/Subject Pirates
About/Subject Bully Hayes
Identifying Codes
Price $4.95
Edition No. 1
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 68-26331
Other 9-68
Format Hardback
Publication Location New York
Page Count 181 pages
Language English
Chapters Foreword
1. Raiders of the Spanish Ocean
2. The Pirate Who Became a God
3. High Noon of the Buccaneers and Privateers
4. Polynesians Take to Piracy
5. The Convict Crew of the Cyprus
6. Marauders of the Pepper Coasts
7. Skimmers of the China Sea
8. Bully Hayes, Last of the Freebooters
Index (including a guide to pronunciation)
Notes Illustrated with photographs

Manufactured in the United States of America for Meredith Press


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