ROCKS Nr. 53 (04/2016)

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title ROCKS
Editorial Director Daniel Böhm
Publisher ROCKS Media Verlag e.K.
Printed by Neef & Stumme Premium Printing GmbH & Co. KG
Distributed by/Director of Distribution DPV Deutscher Pressevetrieb GmbH
About/Subject Ozzy Osbourne
About/Subject The Answer
About/Subject Mike Clink
About/Subject Grand Funk Railroad
About/Subject Blues Pills
About/Subject Rage (2)
About/Subject Fates Warning
About/Subject Traffic
About/Subject Rival Sons
About/Subject Dan Reed Network
About/Subject Jorn
About/Subject Royal Southern Brotherhood
About/Subject The Jelly Jam
About/Subject Anderson / Stolt
About/Subject Q5
About/Subject The Rides
About/Subject Scorpion Child
About/Subject Jeff Angell's Staticland
About/Subject Stonewall Noise Orchestra
About/Subject Vardis
About/Subject Withford/St. Holmes
About/Subject No Sinner
About/Subject Shiraz Lane
About/Subject Tiles
About/Subject Lords Of Black
About/Subject Jane Lee Hooker
About/Subject Stonerider
About/Subject Bob Daisley
About/Subject Rich Robinson
About/Subject Monument
About/Subject Richards/Crane
About/Subject Blasted To Static
About/Subject Poverty's No Crime
About/Subject Albert Castiglia
About/Subject Ray Wilson
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 4 197635 606502
EAN 2 04
ISSN 1867-9404
Price DE € 6,50
Price AT € 7,40
Price CH SFR 11,40
Price LU, B, NL € 7,60
Price IT, ES € 8,50
Price CZ CZK 250,00
Volume Number Nr. 53 (04/2016) Juli/August
Format Magazine
Page Count 130 pages
Language German
Notes incl. CD: Der Soundtrack Zum Heft Nr. 53 (04/2016)


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