Frank R. Stockton*

Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Frank R. Stockton*
Illustrator George Varian
Illustrator B. West Clinedinst
Publisher The Macmillan Company
Publisher Macmillan & Co., Ltd.*
Copyright Holder The Century Co.
Copyright Holder The Macmillan Company
Printed by Norwood Press
Composition J. S. Cushing & Co.
Printed by Berwick & Smith*
About/Subject Pirates
About/Subject Buccaneers
About/Subject Piracy: Caribbean
About/Subject Jean Lafitte
About/Subject Pierre le Grand
About/Subject Pierre François
About/Subject Bartolomeu Português
About/Subject Alexandre Exquemelin
About/Subject Roche Braziliano
About/Subject François l'Olonnais
About/Subject Henry Morgan
About/Subject Raveneau de Lussan
About/Subject Brethren of the Coast
About/Subject Edward Teach (Blackbeard)
About/Subject Stede Bonnet
About/Subject William Rhett
About/Subject Richard Worley
About/Subject Mary Read
About/Subject Anne Bonny
About/Subject Edward "Ned" Low
About/Subject William Kidd
This Edition Published
Format Hardback
Publication Location New York; London
Page Count 325 pages
Language English
Chapters I. The Bold Buccaneers
II. Some Masters in Piracy
III. Pupils in Piracy
IV. Peter the Great
V. The Story of a Pearl Pirate
VI. The Surprising Adventures of Bartholemy Portuguez
VII. The Pirate who could not Swim
VIII. How Bartholemy rested Himself
IX. A Pirate Author
X. The Story of Roe, the Brazilian
XI. A Buccaneer Boom
XII. The Story of L'Olonnois the Cruel
XIII. A Resurrected Pirate
XIV. Villany on a Grand Scale
XV. A Just Reward
XVI. A Pirate Potentate
XVII. How Morgan was helped by Some Religious People
XVIII. A Piratical Aftermath
XIX. A Tight Place for Morgan
XX. The Story of a High-Minded Pirate
XXI. Exit Buccaneer; Enter Pirate
XXII. The Great Blackbeard comes upon the Stage
XXIII. A True-Hearted Sailor draws his Sword
XXIV. A Greenhorn under the Black Flag
XXV. Bonnet again to the Front
XXVI. The Battle of the Sand Bars
XXVII. A Six Weeks' Pirate
XXVIII. The Story of Two Women Pirates
XXIX. A Pirate from Boyhood
XXX. A Pirate of the Gulf
XXXI. The Pirate of the Buried Treasure
XXXII. The Real Captain Kidd


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