Helen A. Guerber

Tales of Norse Mythology

(This Edition Published)

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Author Helen A. Guerber
Introduction by Kirsten Wolf
Cover/Jacket Design by Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel
Endpapers by Johannes Gehrts
Printed by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Publisher Barnes & Noble
Publisher Series Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions
Illustrator Oscar Wergeland
Illustrator J. C. Dollman
Illustrator Sir E. Burne-Jones
Illustrator K. Dielitz
Illustrator H. Kaulbach
Illustrator B. E. Fogelberg
Illustrator J. Wagrez
Illustrator Jacques Reich
Illustrator B. E. Ward
Illustrator A. Malmström
Illustrator Dorothy Hardy
Illustrator N. J. O. Blommér
Illustrator H. Hendrich
Illustrator Albert Edelfelt
Illustrator C. Ehrenberg
Illustrator Gertrude Demain Hammond, R.I.
Illustrator Severin Nilsson
Illustrator J. P. Molin
Illustrator M. E. Winge
Illustrator C. G. Qvarnström
Illustrator Charles P. Sainton, R.I.
Illustrator Knut Ekwall
Illustrator Gilbert Bayes
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-1-4351-6498-7
Format Hardback
Publication Location New York
Page Count 448 pages
Language English
Chapters List of illustrations


I. The Beginning
II. Odin
III. Frigga
IV. Thor
V. Tyr
VI. Bragi
VII. Idun
VIII. Niörd
IX. Frey
X. Freya
XI. Uller
XII. Forseti
XIII. Heimdall
XIV. Hermod
XV. Vidar
XVI. Vali
XVII. The Norns
XVIII. The Valkyrs
XIX. Hel
XX. Ægir
XXI. Balder
XXII. Loki
XXIII. The Giants
XXIV. The Dwarfs
XXV. The Elves
XXVI. The Sigurd Saga
XXVII. The Frithiof Saga
XXVIII. The Twilight of the Gods
XXIX. Greek and Northern Mythologies—A Comparison
Index to Poetical Quotations
Glossary and Index
Notes Originally published in 1909 as "Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas." Unabridged.


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