Алексей Сидоров

Энциклопедия Rock City - 1

(First Published)

Main Details
Publisher Ин Рок
Editor Алексей Сидоров
Text by Андрей Бурлака
Text by Алексей Глебов
Text by Алексей Сидоров
Designed by Владимир Дерябин
Printed by ФГУП "Щербинская Типография"
About/Subject Lee Aaron
About/Subject Abattoir
About/Subject AB/CD
About/Subject Abstrakt Algebra
About/Subject Accept
About/Subject AC/DC
About/Subject Accuser
About/Subject Bryan Adams
About/Subject ADX
About/Subject Aerosmith
About/Subject Agent Steel
About/Subject Agnostic Front
About/Subject Agressor
About/Subject Alaska (2)
About/Subject Alcatrazz
About/Subject Alice In Chains
About/Subject Almighty*
About/Subject Amen
About/Subject Amorphis
About/Subject Anathema
About/Subject Angel (3)
About/Subject Angel Dust
About/Subject Tom Angelripper
About/Subject Angel Witch
About/Subject Angra
About/Subject Annihilator
About/Subject Anthrax
About/Subject Anvil
About/Subject Apocalyptica
About/Subject April Wine
About/Subject Aragon
About/Subject Arena (2)
About/Subject Argent
About/Subject Armageddon (2)
About/Subject Armored Saint
About/Subject Artension
About/Subject Artillery (2)
About/Subject ASAP*
About/Subject Asia (2)
About/Subject Atheist
About/Subject Steve Stevens
About/Subject Atomic Rooster
About/Subject Atrocity
About/Subject At The Gates
About/Subject Autograph
About/Subject Autopsy
About/Subject Axe
About/Subject Ayreon
About/Subject Babe Ruth (band)
About/Subject Babys*
About/Subject Bachman-Turner Overdrive
About/Subject Backyard Babies
About/Subject Bad Brains
About/Subject Bad Company (2)
About/Subject Bad English
About/Subject Badlands
About/Subject Bad Moon Rising
About/Subject Bad Religion
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About/Subject Bang Tango
About/Subject Bangalore Choir
About/Subject Barclay James Harvest
About/Subject Jimmy Barnes
About/Subject Barón Rojo
About/Subject Barren Cross
About/Subject Bathory
About/Subject Baton Rouge
About/Subject Battleaxe
About/Subject Battlezone*
About/Subject Beastie Boys
About/Subject Jeff Beck
About/Subject Behemoth
About/Subject Believer
About/Subject Pat Benatar
About/Subject Benediction
About/Subject Jello Biafra
About/Subject Biohazard
About/Subject Bitch
About/Subject The Black Crowes
About/Subject Black Flag
About/Subject Black Oak Arkansas
About/Subject Black Sabbath
About/Subject Black Widow
About/Subject Blackfoot
About/Subject Ritchie Blackmore
About/Subject Blackmore's Night
About/Subject Black 'N Blue
About/Subject Blackthorne
About/Subject Blind Guardian
About/Subject Blind Melon
About/Subject Blitzkrieg
About/Subject Bloodhound Gang
About/Subject Blue Murder (2)
About/Subject Blue Öyster Cult
First Published
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 1
Format Paperback
Publication Location Moscow, Russia
Page Count 240 pages pages
Language Russian
Original Language Russian
Original Title Энциклопедия Rock City
(H × W × D)
Notes Энциклопедия Хард-Рока = Hard Rock Encyclopedia

Содержит биографии ведущих коллективов и исполнителей мирового движения хард-рока, работавших в период с конца 1960-х по настоящее время. В энциклопедии представлен не только классический хард-рок, но и хеви-метал, пауэр, трэш, и панк. Все статьи дополнены полными дискографиями групп и исполнителей. = It contains biographies of the leading bands and performers of the world hard rock movement, who worked from the late 1960s to the present. The encyclopedia presents not only classic hard rock, but also heavy metal, power, thrash, and punk. All articles are supplemented with full discographies of groups and artists.


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