Paul Carell

Die Wüstenfüchse: Mit Rommel in Afrika


Main Details
Author Paul Carell
Printed and Bound by May & Co Nachf., Darmstadt
Cover/Jacket Design by Karl Gogesch
Licensed from Verlag Ullstein GmbH
Licensed to Deutsche Buch-Gemeinschaft C. A. Koch's Verlag Nachf.
Licensed to Bertelsmann Reinhard Mohn OHG
Licensed to Europäische Bildungsgemeinschaft Verlags-GmbH
Licensed to Buchgemeinschaft Donauland Kremayr & Scheriau, Wien
Copyright Holder Nannen-Verlag GmbH
About/Subject Erwin Rommel
About/Subject World War II: Africa
About/Subject Nazi Germany
About/Subject Nazi Party
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 07157 1
Format Hardback
Page Count 423 pages
Language German


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