Tove Jansson

Finn Family Moomintroll

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Tove Jansson
Illustrator Tove Jansson
Editor Kaye Webb
Translated by Elizabeth Portch
Publisher Puffin Books
Copyright Holder Tove Jansson
Copyright Holder (Translation) Ernest Benn Limited
Printed and Bound by C. Nicholls & Company Ltd
First Published
First Printing in Country
This Edition Published
This Impression
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0 14 03. 0150 X
Price United Kingdom 45p
Price Canada $1.50
Format Paperback
Publication Location London, United Kingdon
Page Count 155 pages
Font Linotype Plantin
Language English
Original Language Swedish
Original Title Trollkarlens Hatt
(H × W × D)
Chapters Preface
Chapter 1 - In which Moomintroll, Snufkin, and Sniff find the Hobgoblin's Hat; how five small clouds unexpectedly appear, and how the Hemulen finds himself a new hobby.
Chapter 2 - In which Moomintroll suffers and uncomfortable change and takes his revenge on the Ant-lion, and how Moomintroll and Snufkin go on a secret night expedition.
Chapter 3 - In which the Muskrat has a terrible experience; how the Moomin family discover Hattifatteners' Island where the Hemulen has a narrow escape, and how they survive the great thunderstorm.
Chapter 4 - In which owing to the Hattifattners' night attack the Snork Maiden loses her hair, and in which the most remarkable discovery is made on Lonely Island.
Chapter 5 - In which we hear of the Mameluke Hunt, and of how the Moominhouse is changed into a jungle.
Chapter 6 - In which Thingumy and Bob, bringing a mysterious suitcase and followed by the Groke, come into the story, and in which the Snork leads a Court Case.
Chapter 7 - Which is very long and describes Snufkin's departure and how the Contents of the mysterious suitcase were revealed; also how Moominmamma found her handbag and arranged a party to celebrate it, and finally how the Hobgoblin arrived in the Valley of the Moomins.


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