Goldmine Issue 392

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Goldmine
Publisher Greg Loescher
Editor Jeff Tamarkin
Managing Editor Bonni J. Miller
Associate Editor Julie Stuempfig
Series Editor Robert Pruter
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Jim Felhofer
Advertising Sharon Thern
Advertising Kelly Koplien
Copyright Holder Krause Publications, Inc.*
Cover Artist Nine Inch Nails
Cover Art by Ebet Roberts
About/Subject Wolfman Jack
Contributing Writer Jeff Tamarkin
About/Subject Phyllis Hyman
About/Subject Tipitina's
Contributing Writer Jeff Hannusch
Contributing Writer Stephen Thompson (4)
About/Subject Nine Inch Nails
Contributing Writer Jo-Ann Greene
Interview with/Interviewee Marshall Crenshaw
Interview by/Interviewer Cub Koda
About/Subject Foghat
Interview with/Interviewee Dave Peverett
Interview by/Interviewer Richard Skelly
About/Subject Broadway Musicals
About/Subject Sam Cooke
About/Subject Jimmy Reed
About/Subject Syndicate Of Sound
About/Subject Joe Tex
About/Subject Groucho Marx
About/Subject Queen
About/Subject The Toys
About/Subject Dolly Parton
About/Subject Modern Records
About/Subject Kent Records
About/Subject Excello
About/Subject Rhythm & Blues
About/Subject The Essex
About/Subject The Meters
About/Subject Etta James
About/Subject Willie Dixon
About/Subject The Commodores
About/Subject Red Rockers
About/Subject Wire Train
About/Subject Doo-wop
About/Subject Red Robin
About/Subject Major Lance
About/Subject The Dynamics
About/Subject Charlie Patton
About/Subject Chess Records
About/Subject The Intruders
About/Subject Willie And The Poor Boys
About/Subject John Cipollina
About/Subject The Rolling Stones
About/Subject The Modern Lovers
About/Subject Jewel Akens
About/Subject Roy Milton
About/Subject Specialty
Review by William Ruhlmann
Review by Al Kooper
Review by Bill Dahl
Review by Carl Cafarelli
Review by Rich Firestone
Review by Michael Gallucci
Review by Jim Bagley
Review by Robert Pruter
Review by Bruce Eder
Review by Michael Heatley
Review by Fred Mills
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 392
Volume Number 21
Issue Number 16
Price $2.75 (U.S.)
Price $3.95 (Canada)
Barcode (UPC) 083222193224 31
Format Magazine
Publication Location US
Page Count 176 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters 16 / Nine Inch Nails
32 / Marshall Crenshaw
50 / Foghat

Retailer Directory
Advertiser's Index
Notes The Collectors Record And Compact Disc Marketplace

Actual credit roles:
R&B Editor - Robert Pruter
Advertising Sales Manager - Jim Felhofer
Advertising Sales - Sharon Thern, Kelly Koplien


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