Die Linzer Donaubrücken

(First Published)

Main Details
Text by Karl Mittermayr
Text by Gertrud Fussenegger
Text by Otto Wutzel
Text by Josef Aichhorn
Text by Otto Schimetta
Text by Franz Pisecky
Editor-At-Large Otto Wutzel
Foreword by Erwin Wenzl
Technical Advisor Josef Aichhorn
Technical Advisor Karl Mittermayr
Technical Advisor Otto Schimetta
Graphic Design Herbert Friedl
Graphic Design Peter Ratzenböck
Reproduction W. Rudolph
Printed and Bound by Oberösterreichischer Landesverlag
Publisher Oberösterreichische Landesregierung
About/Subject Linz
About/Subject Danube
First Published
Format Hardback
Publication Location Linz, Austria
Page Count 157 pages
Language German


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