Robert E. Howard

The Bloody Crown of Conan


Main Details
Author Robert E. Howard
Editor Patrice Louinet
Foreword by Gary Gianni
Introduction by Rusty Burke
Illustrator Gary Gianni
Cover Artist Gary Gianni
Publisher The Random House Publishing Group
Imprint Del Rey
Imprint Ballantine Books
Designed by Marcelo Anciano
Typography by Stuart Williams
Copyright Holder Conan Properties International, LLC
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Gary Gianni
Copyright Holder Wandering Star Books Ltd.
Publisher Series The Fully Illustrated Robert E. Howard Library
Series Editor Rusty Burke
Series Conan
First Published In Paperback
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-345-46152-5
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 2004103781
Format Paperback
Publication Location New York, NY
Page Count 367 pages
Language English
Chapters xi • Foreword, by Gary Gianni
xiii • Introduction, by Rusty Burke

1 • The People of the Black Circle
81 • The Hour of the Dragon
255 • A Witch Shall Be Born

305 • Untitled Synopsis (The People of the Black Circle)
309 • The Story Thus Far...
311 • Untitled Synopsis
315 • Untitled Draft
335 • Untitled Synopsis (The Hour of the Dragon)
339 • Notes on The Hour of the Dragon
343 • Untitled Synopsis (A Witch Shall Be Born)

347 • Hyborian Genesis Part II, by Patrice Louinet
361 • Notes on the Conan Typescripts and the Chronology, by Patrice Louinet
363 • Notes on the Original Howard Texts
Notes Number line on copyright page indicates first printing.

First American Edition: December 2004


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