Mabel Moraña, Enrique Dussel, Carlos A. Jáuregui

Coloniality at Large: Latin America and the Postcolonial Debate

(First Published)

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Editor Mabel Moraña
Editor Enrique Dussel
Editor Carlos A. Jáuregui
Contributing Writer Gordon Brotherston
Contributing Writer Jose Rabasa
Contributing Writer Jose Antonio Mazzotti
Contributing Writer Russell G. Hamilton
Contributing Writer Sara Castro-Klaren
Contributing Writer Eduardo Mendieta
Contributing Writer Elzbieta Sklodowska
Contributing Writer Anibal Quijano
Contributing Writer Walter D. Mignolo
Contributing Writer Santiago Castro-Gomez
Contributing Writer Ramon Grosfoguel
Contributing Writer Enrique Dussel
Contributing Writer Michael Löwy
Contributing Writer Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Contributing Writer Peter Hulme
Contributing Writer Fernando Coronil
Contributing Writer Amaryll Chanady
Contributing Writer Roman de la Campa
Contributing Writer Mary Louise Pratt
Contributing Writer Mario Roberto Morales
Contributing Writer Catherine E. Walsh
Contributing Writer Arturo Arias
Publisher Duke University Press
First Published
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ISBN 13 9780822341697
Format Paperback
Page Count 640 pages
Language English
Chapters About the Series vii

Acknowledgments ix

Colonialism and Its Replicants / Mabel Morana, Enrique Dussel, and Carlos A. Jauregui 1

Part One. Colonial Encounters, Decolonization, and Cultural Agency

America and the Colonizer Question: Two Formative Statements from Early Mexico / Gordon Brotherston 23

Thinking Europe in Indian Categories, or, "Tell Me the Story of How I Conquered You" / Jose Rabasa 43

Creole Agencies and the (Post)Colonial Debate in Spanish America / Jose Antonio Mazzotti 77

Part Two. Rewriting Colonial Difference

European Transplants, Amerindian In-laws, African Settlers, Brazilian Creoles: A Unique Colonial and Postcolonial Condition in Latin America / Russell G. Hamilton 113

Posting Letters: Writing in the Andes and the Paradoxes of the Postcolonial Debate / Sara Castro-Klaren 130

Unforgotten Gods: Postcoloniality and Representations of Haiti in Antonio Benitez Rojo's "Heaven and Earth" 158

Part Three. Occidentalism, Globalization, and the Geopolitics of Knowledge

Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Social Classification / Anibal Quijano 181

The Geopolitics of Knowledge and the Colonial Difference / Walter D. Mignolo 225

(Post)Coloniality for Dummies: Latin American Perspectives on Modernity, Coloniality, and the Geopolitics of Knowledge / Santiago Castro-Gomez 259

Remapping Latin American Studies: Postcolonialism, Subaltern Studies, Post-Occidentalism, and Globalization Theory / Eduardo Mendieta 286

Developmentalism, Modernity, and Dependency Theory in Latin America / Ramon Grosfoguel 307

Part Four. Religion, Liberation, and The Narratives of Secularism

Philosophy of Liberation, the Postmodern Debate, and Latin American Studies 335

The Historical Meaning of Christianity of Liberation in Latin America / Michael Lowy 350

Secularism and Religion in the Modern/Colonial World-System: From Secular Postcoloniality to Postsecular Transmodernity / Nelson Maldonado-Torres 360

Part Five. Comparative (Post)Colonialisms

Postcolonial Theory and the Representation of Culture in the Americas / Peter Hulme 388

Elephants in the Americas? Latin American Postcolonial Studies and Global Decolonization / Fernando Coronil 396

The Latin American Postcolonialism Debate in a Comparative Context / Amaryll Chanady 417

Postcolonial Sensibility, Latin America, and the Question of Literature / Roman de la Campa 435

In the Neocolony: Destiny, Destination, and the Traffic in Meaning / Mary Louise Pratt 459

Part Six. Postcolonial Ethnicities

Peripheral Modernity and Differential Mestizaje in Latin America: Outside Subalternist Postcolonialism / Mario Roberto Morales 479

(Post)Coloniality in Ecuador: The Indigenous Movement's Practices and Politics of (Re)Signification and Decolonization / Catherine E. Walsh 506

The Maya movement: Postcolonialism and Cultural Agency / Arturo Arias 519

Bibliography 539

Contributors 609

Index 615


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