Ileana Rodríguez

The Latin American Subaltern Studies Reader

(First Published)

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Editor Ileana Rodríguez
Contributing Writer Ileana Rodríguez
Contributing Writer Ranajit Guha
Contributing Writer John Beverley
Contributing Writer Alberto Moreiras
Contributing Writer Marc Zimmerman
Contributing Writer Patricia Seed
Contributing Writer Sara Castro-Klaren
Contributing Writer Doris Summer
Contributing Writer José Rabasa
Contributing Writer Abdulkarim Mustapha
Contributing Writer Robert Carr
Contributing Writer Michael Clark
Contributing Writer Gareth Williams
Contributing Writer Javier Sanjines C.
Contributing Writer Beatriz Gonzalez
Contributing Writer Marcia Stephenson
Contributing Writer Marcelo Bergman
Contributing Writer María Josefina Saldaña-Portillo
Contributing Writer Walter D. Mignolo
Contributing Writer Monica Szurmuk
Publisher Duke University Press
First Published
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ISBN 13 9780822327127
Format Paperback
Page Count 472 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction / Ileana Rodríguez 1

I. Convergences of Times: Subaltern Studies C South Asia/Latin America, Modern/Postmodern

Subaltern Studies: Projects for Our Time and Their Convergence / Ranajit Guha 35

The Im/possibility of Politics? Subalternity, Modernity, Hegemony / John Beverley 47

Solidarity as Event: Communism as Personal Practice, and Disencounters in the Politics of Desire / María Milagros López 64

A Storm Blowing from Paradise: Negative Globality and Critical Regionalism / Alberto Moreiras 81

II. Indigenous Peoples and the Coloniality of Power

Rigoberta Menchu After the Nobel: From Militant Narrative to Postmodern Politics / Marc Zimmerman 111

No Perfect World: Aboriginal Communities' Contemporary Resource Rights / Patricia Seed 129

Historiography on the Ground: The Toledo Circle and Guaman Poma / Sara Castro-Klaren 143

III. Subject Positions: Dominant and Subaltern Intellectuals?

Slaps and Embraces: A Rhetoric of Particularism / Doris Sommer 175

Beyond Representation? The Impossibility of the Local (Notes on Subaltern Studies in Light of a Rebellion in Tepoztlan, Morelos) / Jose Rabasa 191

Questions of Strategy as an Abstract Minimum: Subalternity and Us / Abdul Karim Mustapha 211

IV. Ungovernability: Authoritarian and Democratic Hegemonies

From Glory to Menace II Society: African-American Subalternity and the Ungovernability of the Democratic Impulse Under Super Capitalist Orders / Robert Carr 227

Twenty Preliminary Propositions for a Critical History of International Statecraft in Haiti / Michael Clark 241

Death in the Andes: Ungovernability and the Birth of Tragedy in Peru / Gareth Williams 260

Outside In and Inside Out: Visualizing Society in Bolivia / Javier Sanjines C. 288

V. Citizenship: Resistance, Transgression, Disobedience

The Teaching Machine for the Wild Citizen / Beatriz Gonzalez Stephan 313

Apprenticeship as Citizenship and Governability / Ileana Rodriguez 341

The Architectural Relationship between Gender, Race, and the Bolivian State / Marcia Stephenson 367

Gender, Citizenship, and Social Protest: The New Social Movements in Argentina / Marcelo Bergman and Monica Szurmuk 383

Who's the Indian in Aztlan? Re-Writing Mestizaje, Indianism, and Chicanismo from the Lacandon / Josefina Saldana-Portillo 402

Coloniality of Power and Subalternity / Walter D. Mignolo 424

Contributors 445

Index 449


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