Sŵn 2019

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Publisher Sŵn Festival
Director Guto Brychan
Other Adam Williams
Other William Dickins
Assistant Director Elan Evans
Production Director/Manager Oliver Miles
Marketing Manager Steffan Dafydd
Marketing Assistant Cat Morris
Designed by Richard Chitty
Designed by Ctrl Alt Design
Public Relations Stacey Oliver
Public Relations Sarah Morgan (2)
Public Relations Vicki Spencer-Francis Cowshed
Other Jon Fox
Other Samantha Bull
Other Jason Crimmins
Other James Evans (3)
Other Martha Grug
Other Zac Mather
Other Adam Whitmore
Other Richard Wright (6)
Other Lucy Squire
Other Prifysgol De Cymru
Other Sam Taylor (2)
Other CMU
Development Craig Marvelly
Presenter Rhodri Brooks
Other Cadi Lane
Other Ed Tullet
Assistant Photographer Sam Roberts
Contributor Will Steen
Contributor FOR Cardiff
Contributor Nannon Evans
Contributor Gareth Graf Middleton
Contributor Liam Barrett
Translated by Eiri Sion
Technology Bernie
Technology Mark Foley Musicbox
Technology Dave Morgan
Technology Tom Viney
Technology Sean Hales Spartan Audio
Technology Andrew Rackham Gorilla Audio
Other Edd (2)
Other Ged Skelding
Other John
Other Lisa (2)
Other Ticketweb
Other Liam
Other ID&C Band
Other Ruth Oliver
Other Jack Warriner
Other SC Productions
Artist 13 Artists
Artist ATC
Artist Blow Up (2)
Artist CAA
Artist Earth Agency
Artist Free Trade Agency
Artist Heavenly Recordings
Artist ITB
Artist Paradigm Agency
Artist Pitch & Smith
Artist Primary Talent
Artist Progressive Artists
Artist United Talent Agency
Artist WME
Artist Xray Touring
About/Subject 3 Hwr Doeth
About/Subject Alffa
About/Subject Alien Tango
About/Subject Amber Arcades
About/Subject Ani Glass
About/Subject Asha Jane
About/Subject Audiobooks
About/Subject Bambara
About/Subject Bess Atwell
About/Subject Big Joanie
About/Subject Big Thing
About/Subject Bilge Pump
About/Subject Bill Ryder-Jones
About/Subject Black Country, New Road
About/Subject Bloxx
About/Subject Bodyhacker
About/Subject Brand New Friend
About/Subject Bryde
About/Subject Campfire Social
About/Subject Casi
About/Subject Charlotte Adigery
About/Subject Chastity Belt
About/Subject Chroma
About/Subject The Claque
About/Subject Clwb Fuzz
About/Subject The Comet is Coming
About/Subject Conchur White
About/Subject County Line Runner
About/Subject Creatures (2)
About/Subject Cruelty
About/Subject Darren Eedens & the Slim Pickin's
About/Subject Dehd
About/Subject Denuo
About/Subject Devon
About/Subject Do Nothing
About/Subject Dry Cleaning
About/Subject Dylan Cartlidge
About/Subject Eadyth
About/Subject Easy Life
About/Subject Egyptian Blue
About/Subject Elis Derby
About/Subject Elsa Hewitt
About/Subject Emma McGrath
About/Subject False Hope for the Savage
About/Subject Far Caspian
About/Subject Fatherson
About/Subject Feet
About/Subject Flamingods
About/Subject Foxxglove
About/Subject Francis Lung
About/Subject Free Love
About/Subject Gaffa Tape Sandy
About/Subject Ghostlawns
About/Subject Grace Lightman
About/Subject Gruff Rhys
About/Subject Gwilym
About/Subject Haze (2)
About/Subject Heavy Lungs
About/Subject Himalayas (2)
About/Subject HMLTD
About/Subject Holy Fuck
About/Subject Honest Thieves
About/Subject Hotel Lux
About/Subject Housewives
About/Subject The Howl & the Hum
About/Subject Hyll
About/Subject Indian Queens
About/Subject Jack Perret
About/Subject Jerskin Fendrix
About/Subject Jockstrap
About/Subject John MOuse
About/Subject Josiah Konder
About/Subject Just Mustard
About/Subject Katy J Pearson
About/Subject Kidsmoke
About/Subject Kim Hon
About/Subject Krush Puppies
About/Subject Lauran Hibberd
About/Subject Lazarus Kane
About/Subject Lice
About/Subject Liz Lawrence
About/Subject Look Mum, No Computer
About/Subject Lunar Bird
About/Subject Macy
About/Subject Melin Melyn
About/Subject Modern Habits
About/Subject MR
About/Subject The Murder Capital
About/Subject Mystic Peach
About/Subject Natty Paynter
About/Subject Nilufer Yanya
About/Subject Obey Cobra
About/Subject Orchards
About/Subject Owain Felstead
About/Subject Pagan Wanderer Lu
About/Subject Papur Wal
About/Subject Patawawa
About/Subject Pengshui
About/Subject Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
About/Subject Plastic Estate
About/Subject Porridge Radio
About/Subject Pozi
About/Subject Raf Rundell
About/Subject Rainbow Maniac
About/Subject Rosehip Treehouse
About/Subject Rosie Lowe
About/Subject Rozi Plain
About/Subject Ruthie
About/Subject Saint Agnes
About/Subject Sam Calver
About/Subject Scalping
About/Subject Scavengers
About/Subject Seazoo
About/Subject Self Esteem
About/Subject Shadowlark
About/Subject She Drew The Gun
About/Subject She Makes War
About/Subject Sick Joy
About/Subject Silverbacks
About/Subject Skating Polly
About/Subject Skinny Pelembe
About/Subject Slagheap
About/Subject Social Contract
About/Subject Sonny Winnebago
About/Subject Squid
About/Subject Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam
About/Subject Super Marine
About/Subject Swimming Tapes
About/Subject Tacet
About/Subject Telgate
About/Subject Threatmantics
About/Subject Thyla
About/Subject Tiny Deaths
About/Subject Tom Ravenscroft
About/Subject Trudy & the Romance
About/Subject Twin Peaks (2)
About/Subject Vistas
About/Subject We Were Promised Jetpacks
About/Subject Working Men's Club
About/Subject Wych Elm
About/Subject Ynys
About/Subject Zooni
Cover Date
Format Pamphlet
Publication Location Cardiff, UK
Languages Welsh, English


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