Rupert Butler

Illustrierte Geschichte der Gestapo

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Rupert Butler
Translated by W. M. Riegel
Preface by Michael Wolffsohn
Foreword by Lidice Commitee
Introduction by Richard Overy
Editor Maasburg GmbH
Technical Editor Hans Safrian
Editor Charles Perkins
Concept by Treld Pelkey Bicknell
Photo Editing Veronica Davies
Printed and Bound by EWO, Ljubljana
Copyright Holder (Original Edition) Wordwright Books
First Published by Motorbooks International
Licensed to Bechtermünz Verlag
Imprint Bechtermünz Verlag
Publisher Weltbild Verlag
Layout Design The R & B Partnership
About/Subject Gestapo
About/Subject World War II
About/Subject Nazi Germany
About/Subject Nazi Party
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 3-86047-163-5
Barcode (EAN) 9783860471630
Format Hardback
Publication Location Augsburg, Germany
Page Count 240 pages
Language German


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