Goldmine Issue 415

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Goldmine
Publisher Greg Loescher
Editor Michael Metzger
Editor Jeff Tamarkin
Managing Editor Bonni J. Miller
Series Editor Robert Pruter
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Jim Felhofer
Advertising Sharon Thern
Advertising Kelly Koplien
Sales Assistant Mary Lutz
Copyright Holder (Photos) Krause Publications, Inc.*
Cover Artist Small Faces
Cover photo Star File
Cover photo Pictorial Press
About/Subject Heavy Metal
Contributing Writer Ralph Heibutski
About/Subject Charlie Gracie
About/Subject Big Al Downing
About/Subject Bill Kirchen
About/Subject Billie Holiday
About/Subject The Untamed Youth
Review by Cub Koda
Contributing Writer Jeff Tamarkin
Interview with/Interviewee Wayne Newton
Interview by/Interviewer Sandy Stert Benjamin
About/Subject Small Faces
Interview with/Interviewee Small Faces
Contributing Writer Kent Benjamin
Contributing Writer Ken Sharp
Contributing Writer John Hellier
About/Subject Granicus
Contributing Writer Doug Sheppard (2)
About/Subject Bobby Hebb
Contributing Writer Joseph Tortelli
About/Subject The Smashing Pumpkins
About/Subject The Afghan Whigs
About/Subject Mike Pinder
About/Subject Peter Lewis
About/Subject Old And In The Way
About/Subject Nirvana
About/Subject Mickey And Sylvia
About/Subject Alex Chilton
About/Subject Ray Charles
About/Subject Freddy King
About/Subject Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
About/Subject Suzi Quatro
About/Subject Theatre Of Hate
About/Subject The Oppressed
About/Subject Sham 69
About/Subject The Ready Men
About/Subject Brunswick (2)
About/Subject Dakar Records
Review by Carl Baugher
Review by Doug Sheppard (2)
Review by Michael Gallucci
Review by Bruce Eder
Review by John M. Borack
Review by Lee Zimmerman
Review by Bruce Sylvester
Review by Bill Dahl
Review by Carl Cafarelli
Review by Fred Mills
Review by Carlo Wolff
Review by Dave Thompson
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 415
Volume Number 22
Issue Number 13
Price $2.95 (U.S.)
Price $3.95 (Canada)
Barcode (UPC) 074470193227 25
Format Magazine
Publication Location 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001
Page Count 188 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters 20 / Small Faces
64 / Granicus
68 / Bobby Hebb

Five Star Record
Vinyl Junkie
Talk Talk - Wayne Newton
New Releases
Record Shows
Retailer Directory
CD Showcase
Collector's Showcase
Indie Showcase
Coming soon to Goldmine
Advertiser's Index
Notes The Collectors Record And Compact Disc Marketplace

Actual credit roles:
R&B Editor - Robert Pruter
Advertising Sales Manager - Jim Felhofer
Advertising Sales - Sharon Thern, Kelly Koplien
Advertising Sales Assistant - Mary Lutz


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