John Diamond

Snake Oil

(First Published)

Main Details
Author John Diamond
Introduction by Dominic Lawson
Foreword by Richard Dawkins
Publisher Random House
Publisher Vintage
Printed by Bookmarque Ltd
Typeset by SX Composing DTP
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-099-42833-4
Barcode 9 780099 428336
Printer's Key 2 4 6 8 10 9 7 5 3 1
Price £7.99
Format Paperback
Publication Location London
Page Count 285 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters Snake Oil:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Other Preoccupations:
The Bland Leading the Blind
Geneva - from Rolex to Omega
Water, Water Every Way
Cutting a Wooden Dash
Abdication Special
Anyone Can Be a Wordsmith
How Men Size Up the Opposition
The First Date: Making it Watertight
Does My Bottom Look Too Big?
Trying Times
When a Film Script Becomes Real Life
Call me Picky
Baby Bore
Soggy Bread Exists in Three Dimensions
Column Gone
Twenty Ways to Tell You're Middle-Aged
He's Me
The Unified Theory of Horticultural Science
The Economy
Ordinary People
I Thought I had Cancer
My Hassidic Problem
The Secrets of Nostradamus
Things You Didn't Know About Arthropods
It's Everywhere
Not the Real Me
Things are So-so
Selling Roses on the Cromwell Road
Not Myself
I am Not Me Anymore
The Oddest Thing
I'll Start with the Pear
Sorry, Mrs W
The Last Cockney
In the Name of Science
The Hard Sell
Windsor? Nah, Wineberg
Oy, Is This Language Course a Pain!
The Problem with Cancer
Fifty-Kilo Sack of Flour
Through the Mirror
My First Official Swallow
How to Sleep
The Funniest Thing since Steve Coogan
The Meal Thing
The Most Unlikely of Experiences
On Death Row
It's the One About …
What It's Like to be Young in Glasgow
Dumb Suicidal Bastard
The Little Things
The Alto Sax
Twas the Week Before You Know When
Reasons to be Cheerful
Donor Cards
Doctors are Much Safer than they Seem
From Your War Correspondent
The Final Insult
Notes At the time of his death John Diamond had completed six chapters of a book about complementary medicine - these form the first section of the book.
The second section present a selection of articles and columns from the Times, the Jewish Chronicle and other publications.


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