Rock Hard

Rock Hard Vol. 331 Dezember 2014

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Rock Hard
Editor Holger Stratmann
Publisher Rock Hard Verlags- und Handels-GmbH
Editor in Chief Michael Rensen
Editor in Chief Boris Kaiser
Printed by Frank Druck GmbH & Co. KG
Distributed by/Director of Distribution DPV Network
About/Subject Special: 1984
About/Subject Aardschok ....Dag
About/Subject Metallica
Interview with/Interviewee Flemming Rasmussen
About/Subject Judas Priest
About/Subject Motörhead
About/Subject Iron Maiden
About/Subject Running Wild
About/Subject Warlock
About/Subject Manowar
About/Subject Mercyful Fate
About/Subject Deep Purple
About/Subject Queensrÿche
About/Subject Dio
About/Subject Metal Church
About/Subject Armored Saint
About/Subject Voivod
About/Subject Hellhammer
About/Subject Celtic Frost
About/Subject Grave Digger
About/Subject Van Halen
About/Subject Twisted Sister
About/Subject Spinal Tap
About/Subject W.A.S.P.
About/Subject Fates Warning
About/Subject Rush
About/Subject HammerFall
About/Subject Primordial
About/Subject Guns N’ Roses
About/Subject Ghost Brigade
About/Subject Meshuggah
About/Subject In Solitude
About/Subject Beastmilk
About/Subject While Heaven Wept
About/Subject The German Panzer
About/Subject Universe217
About/Subject Special: Metal und Fussball
About/Subject In This Moment
About/Subject Devilment (2)
About/Subject Wolf (2)
About/Subject Avatarium
About/Subject Orange Goblin
About/Subject Vanderbuyst
About/Subject Sister Sin
About/Subject Spiders (3)
About/Subject Verlag Nicole Schmenk
About/Subject Jaguar
About/Subject Acrassicauda
About/Subject Postmortem
About/Subject Mono (2)
About/Subject Rise Of The Northstar
About/Subject Ne Obliviscaris
About/Subject Sea (2)
About/Subject Apostle Of Solitude
About/Subject Downfall Of Gaia
About/Subject Autumnal
About/Subject Flying Colors
About/Subject Allen/Lande
About/Subject Dimple Minds
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 4 194378 206907
EAN 2 12
Volume Number 330
Price D: 6,90 EUR
Price A: 7,90 €
Price CH: 14,50 CHF
Price NL/L: 8,30 €
Price SLK: 10,- €
Price I/E/P (Cont.): 9,30 €
Price N: 90 NOK
Price DK: 80 DKR
Price EST: 7,90 €
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 146 pages
Language German
Notes CD: Lauschangriff Volume 033


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