E. Hoffmann Price

E. Hoffmann Price's Pierre d'Artois: Occult Detective & Associates Megapack


Main Details
Author E. Hoffmann Price
Foreword by John Gregory Betancourt
Editor Shawn Garrett*
Introduction by Alexander Kreitner
Publisher Wildside Press
Copyright Holder Wildside Press LLC.
Publisher Series Megapack
Series Pierre d'Artois
Series Ismeddin
Series Glenn Farrell
Series Davis P. Barrett
Format e-Book
Publication Location US
Language English
Chapters Copyright info
A Note from the Publisher
Introduction, by Alexander Kreitner

The Word of Santiago
The Peacock's Shadow
The Bride of the Peacock
The Return of Balkis
Lord of the Fourth Axis
The Devil's Crypt
Satan's Garden
Queen of the Lilin
One Arabian Night
Silver Peacock
The King's Peacock
Triangle by Arrangement
Scarlet Rendezvous
Treasure from Kurdistan
Chaste Goddess
Double Catspaw
Pit of Madness
Pale Hands
Live Bait
The Crooked Square

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