Janine - First & Only Exclusief Magazine Over Style

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Main Details
About/Subject Janine Jansen
Arranged by Janine Jansen
About/Subject Violin
About/Subject Croatia
About/Subject Roger Moore
About/Subject Ellen ten Damme
About/Subject Paul Witteman
About/Subject Kluun
About/Subject Mart Visser
About/Subject Sophie Vlaming
About/Subject Beethoven*
About/Subject Ariane Inden
About/Subject Wende Snijders
About/Subject Marjon Koenekoop
About/Subject Ivo Niehe
About/Subject Marlies Dekkers
About/Subject Robert Vuijsje
About/Subject Cecilia Bartoli
About/Subject Paavo Järvi
About/Subject Vincent Bijlo
About/Subject Sergio Stam
About/Subject Paul de Leeuw
About/Subject Mei Li Vos
About/Subject Sting
About/Subject Matthijs van Nieuwkerk
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode 8710966023280
Barcode 00901
Price 4,95
Format Magazine
Publication Location The Netherlands
Page Count 146 pages
Language Dutch
Notes Janine - First & Only Exclusief Magazine Over Style. Arranged by/Samen gesteld door violin player Janine Jansen.


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