Hit Parader

Hit Parader August 1971

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Hit Parader
Executive Editor Patrick J. Masulli
Editor Ian Dove
Features Editor Lisa Mehlman
West Coast Editor Pete Senoff
Reporter Joyce Becker
Reporter Peter Jones (4)
Consultant Lenny Kaye
Contributing Editor Ritchie Yorke
Art Director/Editor Madelyn Fisher
Published in/by Arrangement with Charlton Publications, Inc.
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Barry Asch
Advertising The Chuck Chellman Co.
Advertising Alan Lubetkin
Interview with/Interviewee Isley Brothers*
About/Subject Jimi Hendrix
Contributing Writer Joel Vance
Interview with/Interviewee Ray Davies
Contributing Writer Richard Green (3)
About/Subject The Rolling Stones
About/Subject Elton John
About/Subject Bernie Taupin
Contributing Writer Roy Carr
About/Subject Captain Beefheart
About/Subject Dionne Warwick
About/Subject Florence Ballard
About/Subject Wilson Pickett
About/Subject Steve Stills*
Contributing Photographer Annette Yorke
Contributing Writer Ritchie Yorke
About/Subject Black Sabbath
Contributing Writer Nick Logan
About/Subject Bee Gees
About/Subject James Taylor (2)
About/Subject Livingston Taylor
About/Subject Redeye
About/Subject Positively Main Street
About/Subject Toby Thompson
Review by Frank Simpson (2)
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 85
Price 50¢
Other CDC
Other 00045
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Page Count 68 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters 5/ The Scene
8/ We Read Your Mail
9/ Isley Brothers, Jimi Hendrix - The Creeper
12/ The Kinks - A suitable mind
13/ Rolling Stones - Continues change in attitude
19/ Elton John - A great rocker
24/ Captain Beefheart - A day in the life
26/ Fast Flashes - Dionne Warwick .. Supremes .. Wilson Pickett
28/ Steve Stills - At home with
31/ Black Sabbath - Heavier the better
32/ Bee Gees - Putting it together again
38/ James and Livingston Taylor - Identity struggle
42/ New Stars On The Horizon - Sweetwater ... Redeye
44/ Communication - Lonely
45/ Readers Reviews - Your choice
54/ Platter Chatter
59/ Book Review - Positively Main Street, Bob Dylan
64/ The Shopping Bag
Notes Actual credit roles:
New York News - Joyce Becker
London News - Peter Jones
Oldies Consultant - Lenny Kaye
Canadian Editor - Ritchie Yorke

National Advertising Manager: Barry Asch
South: The Chuck Chellman Co.
West and Southwest: Alan Lubetkin


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