Cornelia Funke


(First Published)

Main Details
Author Cornelia Funke
Cover Art by Carol Lawson
Translated by Anthea Bell
First Published by Cecilie Dressler Verlag
Copyright Holder (Original Edition) Dressler Verlag
Copyright Holder (Translation) The Chicken House
Cover/Jacket Design by Ian Butterworth
Designed by Dorchester Typesetting Group Ltd
Typeset by Dorchester Typesetting Group Ltd
Printed by CPI Bookmarque
First Published
First Published In Paperback
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978-1-904442-21-9
Barcode 9 781904 442219
Price £6.99
Printer's Key 23 25 27 29 30 28 26 24
Format Paperback
Publication Location Somerset, United Kingdom
Page Count 544 pages
Language English
Original Language German
Original Title Tintenhertz
Chapters 1 A Stranger In The Night
2 Secrets
3 Going South
4 A House Full of Books
5 Only a Picture
6 Fire and Stars
7 What the Night Hides
8 Alone
9 A Poor Exchange
10 The Lion's Den
11 A Coward
12 Going Further South
13 Capricorn's Village
14 A Mission Accomplished
15 Good Luck and Bad Luck
16 Once Upon a Time
17 The Betrayer Betrayed
18 Treasure Island
19 Gloomy Prospects
20 Snakes and Thorns
21 Basta
22 In Safety
23 A Night Full of Words
24 Fenoglio
25 The Wrong Ending
26 Shivers Down the Spine and a Foreboding
27 A Good Place to Stay
28 Going Home
29 Only an Idea
30 Talkative Pippo
31 In the Hills
32 Back Again
33 Capricorn's Maid
34 Capricorn's Secrets
35 Different Aims
36 In Capricorn's House
37 Carelessness
38 A Quiet Voice
39 The Punishment For Traitors
40 The Black Horse of the Night
41 Farid
42 A Furry Face on the Windowsill
43 A Dark Place
44 Farid's Report
45 Telling Lies to Basta
46 Woken in the Dead of Night
47 Alone
48 The Magpie
49 Basta's Pride and Dustfinger's Cunning
50 No Luck for Elinor
51 A Narrow Escape
52 A Fragile Little Thing
53 The Right Words
54 Fire
55 Treachery, Loose Talk, and Stupidity
56 The Shadow
57 A Deserted Village
58 Homesickness
59 Going Home

2 Fool's Gold
Notes Contains chapter two of Cornelia Funke's Inkspell

Published in Germany as Tintenhertz by Cecilie Dressler Verlag 2003
Original text copyright © Dressler Verlag 2003
English translation copyright © The Chicken House 2003

First paperback edition published in Great Britain

Cover design by Ian Butterworth
Cover illustration by Carol Lawson

Printed in the UK


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