Details (Aquarius 1987 February)

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Main Details
Periodical Title Details
Cover photo John Chan
Cover Artist Jayne Frazer
Editor Annie Flanders
Art Director/Editor Lesley Vinson
Associate Editor Stephen Saban
Managing Editor Alan Weitz
Senior Editor/Director Ronnie Cooke
Copy Editor David McDonough
Music Editor Chris Spedding
Correspondent Charoline Olofgörs
Assistant Editor Theresa Bonoan
Contributor Brian Aris
Contributor Mitchell Baum
Contributor Jay Blumenfield
Contributor John Chan
Contributor Michael Condren
Contributor J. Henry Fair
Contributor Valere Harris
Contributor Beauregard Houston-Montgomery
Contributor Annie Kelly
Contributor Gene Krell
Contributor Hubert Kretzschmar
Contributor Marcus Leatherdale
Contributor Elise Maiberger
Contributor Patrick McMullan
Contributor Miss Chickie
Contributor Haoui Montaug
Contributor Cookie Mueller
Contributor Michael Musto
Contributor Anka Radakovich
Contributor Mark Rappaport
Contributor Hal Rubenstein
Contributor Debra Schultz
Contributor Kathleen Seltzer
Contributor Tim Street-Porter
Contributor Kimio Takeyama
Contributor Allan Tannenbaum
Contributor Nick Vaccaro
Contributor Wolfgang Wesener
Contributor Richie Williamson
Contributor Allee Willis
Publisher Gary Bogard
Associate Publisher Dan Gershon
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Sunny Bates
Advertising Lisa Rosenblatt
Advertising Jackie Rudin
Advertising Linda B. Sheffield
Advertising Timothy York
Advertising Patricia Carroll
Advertising Mark Van Amringe
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Katie Bailey
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Marianne McGovern
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Anna Marie Haire
General Manager Ricky Spears
Circulation Director/Manager David McDonough
Sales Assistant Jaime Figueroa
Other Ty Bassett
Other Kate Collins
Other Rosie Flanders
Other Guillermo Heap
Other Malina Lewis
Other Brian McGraw
Production Director/Manager Megan Haungs
Art Assistant John Hacinli
Associate Producer Thomas E. O'Brien
Graphics by Doug Evans
Graphics by Debbie Kay Smith
Digital Art Technician Louis Zuluaga
Typography by Strong Silent Type
Copyright Holder Details Publishing Corp.
Interview with/Interviewee Pet Shop Boys
About/Subject Crimes Of The Heart
About/Subject Dennis Hopper
Copyright Holder (Photos) Dennis Hopper
About/Subject 1960's
About/Subject Christina Smith
About/Subject Sue Ekahn
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
UPC 071486029779 02
Price $2.50
Price $3.00 Canada
Volume Number V
Issue Number 7
ISSN 0740-4921
Format Magazine
Page Count 130 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Actual credit roles:
European Correspondent - Charoline Olofgörs
Senior Editor - Ronnie Cooke (Fashion/Interiors)
Assistant Fashion Editor - Theresa Bonoan
Advertising Director - Sunny Bates
Advertising Representatives
Patricia Carroll (Paris)
Mark Van Amringe (Paris)
Advertising Coordinators
Anna Marie Haire (Los Angeles)
Office/Circulation Assistant - Jaime Figueroa
Production Manager/Advertising Design Director - Megan Haungs
Assistant Art Director - John Hacinli
Production Associate - Thomas E. O'Brien
Photo Technician - Louis Zuluaga

Special Thanks
Chris Flanders
Martin Cooke
Bill Cunningham
Laura Erlanger
Betsey Lenke
Dean Janoff
Jonathan Marder
Albert Nalle
Mike Pantaleoni
Tony Pig
Michael Scott
Ben Weisman

Copyright 1987 by Details Publishing Corp.
Details is published monthly except Jan./Feb. and July/Aug. when it is published bimonthly.
Details is a registered trademark owned by Details International Holdings, Inc. and licensed to Details Publishing Corp.


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