Helmut Obermayr

Schmankerln aus Oberösterreich

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Editor Helmut Obermayr
Editorial Board Ute Drexel
Editorial Board Erna Fleischanderl
Editorial Board Renate Lazelsberger
Photography Fotostudio Manfred Dall
Proofreader Barbara Strobl
Cover/Jacket Design by Hans Schaumberger
Illustrator Otto Kolano*
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Otto Kolano*
Reproduction Repro & Montage Service
Typeset by Landesverlag-Druckservice
Printed and Bound by Landesverlag-Druckservice
Copyright Holder Oberösterreichischer Landesverlag
Copyright Holder Veritas-Verlag
Publisher Oberösterreichischer Landesverlag
About/Subject Upper Austria
About/Subject Cooking Recipes
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 3-85214-572-4
Format Hardback
Publication Location Linz, Austria
Page Count 160 pages
Language German
Notes 2. Auflage 1992


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