Farnsworth Wright

Weird Tales, Vol. 24, No. 4

1934-10 (First Published)

Main Details
Publisher Popular Fiction Publishing Co.
Periodical Title Weird Tales
Editor Farnsworth Wright
Cover Artist M. Brundage*
Artist H. R. Hammond
Artist Hugh Rankin
Contributing Writer C. L. Moore
Contributing Writer Clark Ashton Smith
Contributing Writer Paul Ernst (2)
Contributing Writer H. Bedford-Jones
Contributing Writer S. Gordon Gurwit
Contributing Writer Frances Elliott
Contributing Writer Arlton Eadie
Contributing Writer A. Leslie
Contributing Writer Julius Long
Contributing Writer Marvin Luter Hill
Contributing Writer Robert E. Howard
Contributing Writer Manly Wade Wellman
Contributing Writer Ronal Kayser
Contributing Writer Giovanni Magherini-Graziani
Series Conan
Series Jirel of Joiry
First Published 1934-10
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 24
Issue Number 4
Format Pulp Magazine
Page Count / Font 128 pages
Language English
Chapters 402 • Black God's Kiss, by C. L. Moore
422 • The Seven Geases, by Clark Ashton Smith
436 • Old Sledge, by Paul Ernst
445 • The Sleeper, by H. Bedford-Jones
451 • The Pistol, by S. Gordon Gurwit
462 • The Hill Woman, by Frances Elliott
463 • The Trail of the Cloven Hoof (Part 4 of 7), by Arlton Eadie
482 • Children of the Moon (The Moths), by A. Leslie
483 • Supper for Thirteen, by Julius Long
487 • Old House, by Marvin Luter Hill
488 • The People of the Black Circle (Part 2 of 3), by Robert E. Howard
505 • At the Bend of the Trail, by Manly Wade Wellman
508 • The White Prince, by Ronal Kayser
511 • Author's Note, by Ronal Kayser
512 • Fioraccio, by Giovanni Magherini-Graziani
521 • Coming Next Month
522 • The Eyrie
Notes Pages run from 401 to 528.

Includes C. L. Moore's Black God's Kiss, the first in a series about swordswoman Jirel of Joiry. Also includes part 2 of a Conan serial by Robert E. Howard.


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