Rudolf Lenk

Oberdonau: Die Heimat des Führers

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Rudolf Lenk
Preface by August Eigruber
Foreword by Rudolf Lenk
Designed by Albrecht Dunzendorfer
Photo Credit Albrecht Dunzendorfer
Printed and Bound by Verlagsanstalt F. Bruckmann A.-G.*
Publisher Gauamt für Kommunalpolitik Gau Oberdonau
About/Subject Adolf Hitler
About/Subject Upper Austria
About/Subject World War II
About/Subject Nazi Germany
About/Subject Nazi Party
This Edition Published
Format Hardback
Publication Location München, Germany
Page Count 120 pages
Language German
Notes 3. Auflage 1941

31. bis 45. Tausend


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