Collusion 5 (International Music)

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Main Details
Periodical Title Collusion
Published in/by Arrangement with Music/Context
Editor David Toop
Editor Sue Steward
Editor Steve Beresford
Layout Design David Toop
Cover Art by Shirley Barker
Photography David Corio
Printed by Spider Web
About/Subject George Clinton
Contributing Writer Stuart Cosgrove
About/Subject Darlene Love
Contributing Writer Mick Patrick
Contributing Photographer Popsie
About/Subject Novelty Recordings
Contributing Writer Mike Adcock
Illustrator Giblet
Researcher Brian Rust
Researcher Frank Andrews
About/Subject Harry the Hipster Gibson*
Contributing Writer Matthew Wright
Illustrator Peter MacKenzie
About/Subject Selwa Rajaa
About/Subject Suraya Hilal
About/Subject Belly-dancing
Contributing Writer Sue Steward
Contributing Photographer Jak Kilby
Interview with/Interviewee Lata Mangeshkar
Interview by/Interviewer V.K. Dubey
Contributing Photographer Jeremy Marre
About/Subject Cairo
About/Subject Arabic music
Contributing Writer David Ambrose (2)
About/Subject Heavy Metal
Contributing Writer David Sinclair
Illustrator Eric Beaumont
About/Subject Richard Maxfield
Contributing Writer David Toop
Illustrator David Toop
Researcher Hugh Davies
Researcher Barney Childs
Researcher Michael IeDonne-Bhennet
Researcher Walter Zimmermann
Interview with/Interviewee Connie Francis
Interview by/Interviewer Mary Harron
About/Subject Western Swing
About/Subject Disco Music
Contributing Writer Steven Harvey
Contributing Photographer Patricia Bates
About/Subject Walter Gibbons
About/Subject Francois Kervorkian
About/Subject Larry Levan
About/Subject David Mancuso
About/Subject John "Jellybean" Benitez*
About/Subject Shep Pettibone
Copyright Holder Steven Harvey
Copyright Holder Patricia Bates
About/Subject Tango (2)
About/Subject Tango music
Contributing Writer Hannah Charlton
Photography Archive Ben Mandelson
Photography Archive Hannah Charlton
About/Subject Baptists
About/Subject Reverand I.D. Beck
About/Subject Reverend James Strickland
About/Subject Brother John Sherfey
Contributing Writer Charles K. Noyes
About/Subject Austin
Contributing Writer Kevin Brown (2)
Contributing Photographer Kevin Brown (2)
Contributing Writer Ian Breakwell
Illustrator Peter Court
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 90p
Price $2.50
ISSN 0262 7078
Format Magazine
Publication Location 14 Peto Place, London NW1
Page Count 48 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes COLLUSION is published three times a year.
Published by Music/Context.

Actual credit roles:
Layout And Design: David Toop
Front Cover: Shirley Barker
Contents page photo: David Corio

Thanks for help to: Hannah Charlton, Ramsey Margolis, Clive Bell, Jenny Williamson, Andrew Brenner.


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