Cyganeria Warszawska


Main Details
Series Skarby Biblioteki Narodowej
Publisher Ossolineum
Published with Assistance from DeAgostini*
Copyright Holder Zakład Narodowy Im. Ossolińskich - Wydawnictwo
About/Subject Seweryn Grzegorz Filleborn
About/Subject Józef Bogdan Dziekoński
About/Subject Seweryn Zenon Sierpiński
About/Subject Roman Zmorski
About/Subject Włodzimierz Dionizy Wolski
About/Subject Aleksander Niewiarowski
About/Subject Józef Kenig
About/Subject Wiktoryn Zieliński
Identifying Codes
ISBN 83-04-04690-3
ISBN 83-7316-258-5
Format Hardback
Publication Location Poland
Page Count 329 pages
Language Polish
Notes ISBN 83-7316-258-5 is for entire series.


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