Bill Wyman

Rolling With The Stones

(First Published)

Main Details
About/Subject The Rolling Stones
Author Bill Wyman
Co-Author Richard Havers
Author photo/portrait Steve Wood
Cover photo Gered Mankowitz
Imprint Dorling Kindersley
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Limited
Art Director/Editor Richard Evans
Senior Designer Thomas Keenes
Designed by Victoria Clark
Designed by Phil Gamble
Digital Production Steven Laurie
Digital Production Pamela Shiels
Digital Production Sophie Young
Design Assistant Rachael Smith
Managing Editor Jake Woodward
Senior Editor/Director Victoria Heyworth-Dunne
Project Editor/Coordinator/Director Victoria Heyworth-Dunne
Senior Editor/Director Lucian Randall
Consulting Editor Kingsley Abbott
Photo/Picture Researcher Maria Gibbs
Photography Trish Gant
Production Director/Manager Sarah Coltman
Production Coordinator Wendy Penn
Project Editor/Coordinator/Director Michelle Crane
Cover/Jacket Design by Neal Cobourne
Cover Director Beth Apple
Indexer Janet Smy
Editorial Director Andrew Heritage
Copyright Holder Dorling Kindersley Limited
Copyright Holder (Text) Ripple Productions
Copyright Holder (Text) Richard Havers
Color Reproduction GRB Editrice S.r.l.
Printed and Bound by Mondadori
Other Penguin
First Published
Identifying Codes
Price £30.00
ISBN 0-7513-4646-2
Barcode 9780751346466
Printer's Key 2 4 6 8 10 9 7 5 3 1
Format Hardback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 512 pages
Language English


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