Ira B. Nadel

Raznoliki stavovi - Život Leonarda Cohena

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Ira B. Nadel
Publisher Naklada Ljevak d.o.o.
Director Petra Ljevak
Editor Kristijan Vujičić
Executive Editor Ana Brnardić
Translated by Sandra Palihnić
Proofreader Tomislav Šakić
Cover photo Bruce Weber
Designed by CS Richardson
Proofreader Ana Brnardić
Indexer Nina Vujičić
Printed by Tiskara Zelina
This Edition Published
First Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9 789531 788670
ISBN 978-953-178-867-0
Format Hardback
Publication Location Zagreb, Croatia
Page Count 398 pages
Language Croatian
Original Language English
Original Title Various Positions: a Life of Leonard Cohen


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