Record Mirror

Record Mirror - September 5, 1987

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Record Mirror
Editor Betty Page
Deputy Editor Eleanor Levy
Features Editor Eleanor Levy
Media Editor Robin Smith (2)
Designed by Graham Black
Production Editor Kevin Murphy (2)
Reviews Editor Stuart Bailie
Other Edwin J Bernard
Contributor Nancy Culp
Contributor Ian Dickson
Contributor James Hamilton (2)
Contributor Alan Jones
Contributor Lesley O'Toole
Contributor Roger Morton
Contributor Pete Paisley
Contributor Paul Sexton
Contributor Martin Shaw (2)
Contributor Andy Strickland
Contributor Chris Twomey
Contributor Jane Wilkes
Contributor Henry Williams
Photography Eugene Adebari
Photography Adrian Boot
Photography Jayne Houghton
Photography Karen McConnell
Photography Barry Plummer
Photography Patrick Quigly
Photography Joe Shutter
Photography Steve Wright (3)
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Carole Norvell-Read*
Advertising Tracey Rogers
Production Director/Manager Tony Dixon
Sales Manager Eddie Fitzgerald
Publisher Brian Batchelor
Managing Director Jack Hutton
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Spotlight Magazine Distribution Ltd.
Publisher Spotlight Publications Ltd
Typeset by Phase Communications
Printed by Nene River Press
Colored/Colorized by CK Litho
Other Carole Linfield
Other Tony Fletcher
Cover Artist Wendy J
Cover photo Joe Shutter
About/Subject Michelle Shocked
About/Subject The Primitives
About/Subject The Smiths
About/Subject Transvision Vamp
About/Subject Viz
About/Subject Chris Donald
About/Subject Butthole Surfers
About/Subject Kevin Mooney
About/Subject Max (3)
About/Subject Sophie Johnston
About/Subject Peter Johnston
About/Subject Synth Pop
About/Subject Rock
About/Subject Soul Music
About/Subject Hi-NRG
About/Subject Disco Music
Contributing Photographer David Koppel
Contributing Photographer Steve Double
Contributing Writer David Stansfield
Contributing Writer Elaine Paterson
Contributing Writer Tim Jeffery
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 55p
Price EIRE 81p
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 48 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Actual credit roles:
Deputy Editor/Features - Eleanor Levy
News Editor - Robin Smith
Film/Video - Edwin J Bernard
Senior Advertisement Representative - Tracey Rogers
Ad Production Manager - Tony Dixon
Tele Sales Manager - Eddie Fitzgerald

Charts: Black Dance; US Black Singles; Pop Dance; Hi-NRG; US Singles; US Albums; Indie Singles; Indie Albums; Reggae; Music Video


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