Record Mirror

Record Mirror - September 3, 1983

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Record Mirror
Editor Eric Fuller
Deputy Editor Michael Pilgrim
Assistant Editor Betty Page
Media Editor Simon Hills
Sub-Editor Graham Stevens
Editorial Journalist Mike Gardner
Editorial Journalist Jim Reid (2)
Editorial Journalist Robin Smith (2)
Editorial Journalist Simon Tebbutt
Staff Writer Daniela Soave
Group Editor Susanne Garrett
Editorial Assistant Dee Pilgrim
Contributor James Hamilton (2)
Contributor Alan Jones
Contributor Paul Sexton
Photography Adrian Boot
Photography Joe Shutter
Photography Eugene Adebari
Managing Director Jack Hutton
Publishing Director Mike Sharman
Editor in Chief Alan Lewis
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Carole Norvell-Read*
Advertising Steve Nash (2)
Advertising Tracey Rogers
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Adrian Miles
Sales Manager Eddie Fitzgerald
Promotion Director Brian Batchelor
Promotion Angela Fieldhouse
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Spotlight Magazine Distribution Ltd.
Publisher Spotlight Publications Ltd
Printed by East Midland Litho Printers Ltd*
Other ARC Filmsetting*
Cover Artist The Truth
Cover photo Eugene Adebari
About/Subject The Armoury Show
About/Subject The Truth
About/Subject Endgames
About/Subject Stray Cats
About/Subject Heaven 17
About/Subject Howard Jones
About/Subject Haywoode
About/Subject Jon Moss
About/Subject Boy George
About/Subject Culture Club
About/Subject Dennis Brown
About/Subject Michael J. Mullins
About/Subject Steve Strange
About/Subject Disco Music
About/Subject Synth Pop
About/Subject Rock
Contributing Photographer Kerstin Rodgers
Contributing Photographer LFI*
Contributing Photographer Clare Muller
Contributing Photographer Sheila Rock
Contributing Photographer C Sanderson
Contributing Photographer Terry Kerr
Contributing Photographer Paul Edmond
Contributing Photographer Chalkie Davies
Contributing Photographer Graham Dexter Smith
Contributing Photographer Photofeatures
Contributing Photographer Rock Shots
Contributing Photographer SKR Photos
Contributing Writer Mike Gardner
Contributing Writer Betty Page
Contributing Writer Simon Hills
Contributing Writer John Shearlaw
Contributing Writer Eleanor Levy
Contributing Writer Jessica McGuire
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 40p
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 44 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Actual credit roles:
News Editor - Simon Hills
Art/Sub Editor - Betty Page
Editorial = Editorial Journalist
Starstyle - Daniela Soave
Group Services Editor = Group Editor
Assistant - Dee Pilgrim
Advertising Representatives - Steve Nash, Tracey Rogers
Advertising Production Manager - Adrian Miles
Telephone Sales Manager - Eddie Fitzgerald
Publicity/Promotions Director - Brian Batchelor
Promotions Executive - Angela Fieldhouse
Setting by ARC Filmsetting

Registered as a newspaper at the Post Office.


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