Schöne Akte: Fotografien aus der DDR

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Introduction by Hans-Jürgen Horn
Photography Hans-Ludwig Böhme
Photography Klaus Elle
Photography Klaus D. Fahlbusch
Photography Angela Fensch
Photography Klaus Fischer
Photography Heide Marie Hagen
Photography Harry Hardenberg
Photography Wolfgang Hiob
Photography Thomas Karsten
Photography Joachim Kirchmair
Photography Josef Liedke
Photography Gerd Rattei
Photography Joachim Rosse
Photography Günter Rössler
Photography Rudolf Schäfer
Photography Angelika Schenke
Photography Frank Schenke
Photography Hajo Schilling
Photography Monika Schulz-Fieguth
Photography Uwe Steinbrück
Photography Walter Streit
Photography Gerhard Vetter
Photography Norbert Vogel
Photography Gerhard Weber
Printed and Bound by Salzland Druck
Imprint Verlag Das Neue Berlin
Publisher Eulenspiegel Verlag
About/Subject Nude Photography
About/Subject East Germany
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9783360021168
ISBN 13 978-3-360-02116-8
Price [D] 19,95 €, [A] 20,60 €
Format Hardback
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 191 pages
Language German


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