Soul Underground

Soul Underground Issue 19

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Soul Underground
Editor David Lubich
Assistant Editor Malu Halasa
Assistant Editor Jay Strongman
Art Director/Editor Charles Hunter
Consultant Judith Tolley
Printed by Spider Web
Typeset by Visual Typesetting
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Periodicals in Particular
Cover Artist Kevin Saunderson
Cover photo David Lubich
Contributor Johnny S.
Contributor Judge Jules
Contributor Jazzy M
Contributor Jasper
Contributor Hannah Ford
Contributor Lee Holding
Contributor Patrick Forge
Contributor Adeola
Contributor Dan Parker
Contributor Paul Ablett
Contributor Antonio Mattesini
Contributor Bill Dew
Contributor Paul Martin
Contributor Bob Jones*
Contributor Olaf Parker
Contributor Richard Reyes
Contributor Simon Fleury
Contributor Oliver Lim
Contributor Justin Berkmann
Contributor Joel Karamath
Contributor Lindsay Baker
Contributor Jon Dasilva
Contributor Dark Knight
Contributor Rory Moles
Contributor Clare Taylor
Contributor Alison Martin
Contributor Julian Danquah
Contributor Slick JC
Contributor Patrick Moxey
Contributor Carolyn Martin
About/Subject Stezo
About/Subject T. Agbetu
About/Subject Kevin Saunderson
About/Subject Edwin Hawkin Singers
About/Subject DJ Red Alert*
About/Subject Tony Humphries
About/Subject Afro-American Music
About/Subject Sandra Cross
About/Subject The Lacy Lady
About/Subject Cabaret-a-go-go
About/Subject S.T.S. Radio
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 90p
Format Magazine
Publication Location 70-71 Wells Street, London W1P 3RD
Page Count 44 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Contributors (US): Slick JC, Patrick Moxey, Carolyn Martin


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