Under One Sky

Under One Sky #12

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Under One Sky
Producer Heather Lotruglio
Editor Heather Lotruglio
Logo by Enrique
Designed by Heather*
Designed by Chuck Fletcher
Poetry by IQ*
Cover Art by THC
Writer Adam X
Writer Heather*
Writer Chris Crunch
Writer Shelly B
Writer Tonya McCready
Writer Andrea Bennedetti
Writer Stacey Nelson
Writer Micky V
Writer Speed Demon
Writer Mikael Jaegerbrand
Writer Nick Nice
Writer Fredstrong
Writer Deadly Buda*
Writer Sadie
About/Subject Ultraworld
About/Subject Switzerland
About/Subject Sweden
About/Subject Amsterdam
About/Subject Rome (2)
About/Subject Structure
About/Subject Technoline
Interview with/Interviewee Walker
Interview with/Interviewee Jammin Unit
Interview with/Interviewee Biochip C
About/Subject Orbital
Interview with/Interviewee Phil Hartnoll
Interview with/Interviewee Paul Hartnoll
Interview with/Interviewee DJ Era
Interview with/Interviewee DJ Jacquline Christy
Interview with/Interviewee Holger "Hoschi" Wick
Interview with/Interviewee Josh Wink
About/Subject Gary Cockbain
About/Subject Brian Dougans
About/Subject Humanoid
About/Subject Yage
About/Subject F.S.O.L.*
Interview with/Interviewee Mike Ink
Interview with/Interviewee Jörg Burger
Cover Date
Format Zine
Publication Location 2249 E. 21 St., Brooklyn, NY 11229 USA
Page Count 36 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes UOS Underground

Contributors: Ralphie Dee, Ferrenc, DJ Edge, Andrea Bennedeti, Lory D, DJ Tom, Carlos, Dave Trance, James Christian, DJ HS, Turntable Hoschi, Modern Music, Record Time-Carl Definitive, Warlock, The Dark Raver, Mark Passive, Gaia Mantra, Micky V, DJ BMG, Speed Demon, Nigel Richards-611 Records.


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