George Locke

Worlds Apart: An Anthology Of Interplanetary Fiction

(First Published)

Main Details
Editor George Locke
Imprint Cornmarket
Publisher Cornmarket Reprints Limited
Introduction by George Locke
Contributing Writer W. S. Lach-Szyrma
Contributing Writer John Fleming Wilson
Contributing Writer George C. Wallis
Contributing Writer George Parsons Lathrop
Contributing Writer Bertram Atkey
Contributing Writer Ellsworth Douglass
Contributing Writer Edwin Pallander
Contributing Writer George Allan England
Contributing Writer Owen Oliver
Contributing Writer George Griffith
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0 7191 7193 8
Format Hardback
Publication Location London, England
Page Count 180 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction
Letters From The Planets by W. S. Lach-Szyrma
- A Ruined City in the Moon
- In the Antarctic Regions of Mars
- The Queen of Beauty, or the Planet of Love
- Mercury
- The Portals of the King of Day
- Our Second Voyage to Mars
- Canal Life on Mars
- A Trip to Jupiter's Moonlet
- Corresponding with the Planets
The Rejected Planet by John Fleming Wilson
The Great Sacrifice by George C. Wallis
In The Deep Of Time by George Parsons Lathrop
The Strange Case Of Alan Moraine by Bertram Atkey
The Wheels Of Dr Ginochio Gyves by Ellsworth Douglass & Edwin Pallander
A Message From The Moon by George Allan England
The Black Shadow by Owen Oliver
Stories Of Other Worlds by George Griffith
- A Visit to the Moon
- The World of the War God
- A Glimpse of the Sinless Star
- The World of Crystal Cities
- In Saturn's Realm
- Homeward Bound
Notes Printed in England.


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