Under One Sky

Under One Sky 13 (2 Year Anniversary Issue)

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Under One Sky
Producer Heather Lotruglio
Editor Heather Lotruglio
Logo by Enrique
Designed by Heather*
Poetry by IQ*
Poetry by Cyber Sister UK
Poetry by Scott Pearson
Designed by Chuck Fletcher
Cover Art by Z
Scans by Suzzanna
Writer Adam X
Writer Heather Heart*
Writer Fred strong*
Writer Stacy Nelson*
Contributor Guy Tavares
Contributor DJ Nikadeemus
Contributor DJ Deadly Buda
About/Subject Portland
About/Subject Unit Moebius
Interview with/Interviewee Terence McKenna
Interview with/Interviewee Fred Giannelli
Interview with/Interviewee Dave Clarke
Cover Date
Format Zine
Publication Location 2249 E. 21 St., Brooklyn, NY 11229 USA
Page Count 36 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Under Ground Futuristik Elektronik Dance Musik
Joining Hand Around The Globe

Top 100 Tunes Of 1993 (in no particular order)

Contributors: Electric Indigo, Guy Tavares, DJ Nikadeemus, DJ Deadly Buda, GTO DJ Team, Gamma G-Finland, Gaia Mantra SF, Speed Demon DC, Sadie, Rub A Dub Records Scotland, Pure Groove Records UK, DJ HS France, the Hillbillies, Groove Records, Brad WRIU RI


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