Under One Sky

Under One Sky Issue Eleven

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Under One Sky
Producer Heather Lotruglio
Editor Heather Lotruglio
Logo by Enrique
Designed by Heather Lotruglio
Designed by Chuck Fletcher
Writer Heather Lotruglio
Writer Chris Crunch
Writer Fredstrong
Writer Jimmy Crash
Writer Bobble
Writer DJ Deadly Buda
Writer Tribal Donut
Writer Frankie Bones
Writer Dennis The Mennace
Music Editor Adam X
Poetry by Stacey Nelson
About/Subject Baltimore
About/Subject Australia
About/Subject Denmark
About/Subject Sweden
About/Subject Norway
Interview with/Interviewee Spiral Tribe
About/Subject Spiral Tribe
About/Subject Electro music
Interview with/Interviewee Dan Curtin
Interview with/Interviewee The Source (2)
Interview with/Interviewee Luke Slater
About/Subject Peace Frog
Interview with/Interviewee Pete The Lodger
Cover Date
Format Zine
Publication Location 2249 E. 21 St., Brooklyn, NY 11229 USA
Page Count 36 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Under Ground Futuristic Electronic Dance Music

Includes Electro 1983: Fun House Music by Frankie Bones


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