Tommy february6 + Hawaii Photobook

(First Published)

Main Details
Artist Tommy february6
First Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode (EAN) 9784594036768
Barcode (UPC) 1920076014291
ISBN ISBN-4-594-03676-7
Format Soft cover
Publication Location Japan
Page Count 126 pages
Language Japanese
Original Language Japanese
Chapters Chapter 1
Sightseeing Tour in Oahu

Chapter 2
Enjoy Hawaii Life

Chapter 3
Uuum Yummy!
Notes Photobook in the guise of a tour/sightseeing type book. The book is split up in to 3 chapters In chapter 1, Tommy visits various places in Oahu, giving information about each place she visits. Chapter2 is the enjoying Hawaiian life. And chapter 3 is Hawaiian food.


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