Orkus Nr. 05 • Mai 2012

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Orkus
Publisher Zoomia Medien Gruppe
Editorial Director Claus Müller
Editor in Chief Christian Purwien
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Claus Müller
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Christian Purwien
Text Director Björn Springorum
Art Director/Editor Claus Müller
Art Director/Editor Fabian Ritter
Design Manager/Supervisor Fabian Ritter Artworks
Text Design Fabian Ritter Artworks
Letters Editor Brigitta Settels
Proofreader Agnes Merklein
Cover photo Jörg Steinmetz
Cover photo Francesco Carrozzini
Staff Writer Nadine Ahlig
Staff Writer Lydia Aufschlager
Staff Writer Isabell Köster
Staff Writer Doreen Krase
Staff Writer Axel Schön
Staff Writer Lars Schubert
Contributing Photographer Michael Gamon
Contributing Photographer Axel Heyder
Contributing Photographer Christin Kersten
Contributing Photographer Thomas Nattermann
Contributing Photographer Lorenz Pietzsch
Contributing Photographer Claudia Schöne
Printed by möller Druck und Verlag GmbH, Berlin
Distributed by/Director of Distribution DPV Network
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price Deutschland: € 5,99
Price Österreich: € 6,80
Price Finnland: € 8,99
Price Luxemburg: € 6,99
Price Schweiz: SFr. 11,90
Price Estland: € 6,99
Barcode (EAN) 4 194265 505991
EAN 2 05
Format Magazine
Publication Location Glashütten/Taunus, Germany
Page Count 114 pages
Language English


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