DJ No. 191

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title DJ
Editor Christopher Mellor
Assistant Editor Lindsey McWhinnie
Contributor Helene Stokes
Contributor Alex Griffiths
Contributor Gordon Knott
Art Director/Editor Michèle Allardyce
Designed by Michèle Allardyce
Sales Manager Charles Ward
Promotion Charles Ward
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Michael de Lemos
Advertising Matt Dicks
Production Director/Manager Rachael Sutton
Managing Director Tony DeBell
Circulation Director/Manager William Pearson
Other Maurizio Clemente
Publisher Nexus Media
Contributor Les Adams
Contributor Keith Baker
Contributor Eddie Brannan
Contributor Jim Byers
Contributor Deirdre Cartmill
Contributor Bob Coelho
Contributor Andrew Cotterill
Contributor Phil Cheeseman
Contributor Alex Constantinides
Contributor Paul Davies (2)
Contributor Christophe Demoulin
Contributor Lisa Devlin
Contributor Daniel Duffell
Contributor Fiona Freund
Contributor Alex Gerry
Contributor Aaron Green
Contributor Thomas H Green*
Contributor Graham Gold
Contributor Guy
Contributor Jon Hallowell
Contributor Austin Harrigan
Contributor Damian Harris
Contributor Yogi Haughton
Contributor Anthony Hague
Contributor Andrew Holmes
Contributor Michael Kilkie
Contributor Julia King
Contributor Ben Lambert
Contributor Dan Lambert
Contributor Michelle Lanaway
Contributor Niall Marshall
Contributor Claire Morgan Jones
Contributor Simon A Morrison
Contributor K Klass*
Contributor Paul R Massey*
Contributor Paul McCambridge
Contributor Sheldon Miller
Contributor Daniel Newman
Contributor Ian Peel
Contributor Soulla Petrou
Contributor Benoit Peverelli
Contributor Steve Pitman
Contributor Ronnie Randall
Contributor Richard Reyes
Contributor Danny Slade
Contributor James Stafford
Contributor Paul Sullivan (2)
Contributor Ray Tang
Contributor Steve Toner
Contributor Colin Usher
Contributor Ashley Walker
Contributor Kate Wildblood
Contributor Wayne Youngman
Cover Artist Jungle Brothers
Cover photo Anthony Hague
About/Subject Ministry of Sound
About/Subject The Prodigy
About/Subject Armand Van Helden
About/Subject Kraftwerk
About/Subject The Ballistic Brothers
About/Subject Mark Morrison (2)
About/Subject Ibiza
About/Subject Tribal Gathering
About/Subject Eboman
About/Subject D*Note
About/Subject Big Dada
About/Subject System 7
About/Subject Wall Of Sound
About/Subject Repercussion
About/Subject Northern Quarter Street Festival
About/Subject Tuff Jam
About/Subject Jay Williams (4)
Contributing Writer Luke Vibert
About/Subject Sonar (2)
About/Subject Technics UK DJ Championship
About/Subject Sean Combs
About/Subject Jungle Brothers
About/Subject Essential Festival
About/Subject Roots Day
About/Subject Unknown DJ Tour
About/Subject Scaramanga
About/Subject Amon Tobin
About/Subject Roni Size
About/Subject Reprazent
About/Subject Nick Bracegirdle
About/Subject Boymerang
About/Subject Graham Sutton
About/Subject House Music
About/Subject Techno
About/Subject Hip Hop
About/Subject Drum & Bass
About/Subject Soul Music
About/Subject Dub Pistols
About/Subject Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
Contributing Writer Gordon Kaye
Cover Date
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 191
Barcode 9770951514055 91
Price £1.95
Price $5.50
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 116 pages
Language English
Original Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Fortnightly international underground dance magazine.

Clubscene & Listings - Helen Stokes
What's Up?/News - Alex Griffiths
Charts - Gordon Knott
Internet Happenings - Ian Peel

Actual credit roles:
Sales & Promotions - Charles Ward
Ad Manager - Michael de Lemos
Ad Sales - Matt Dicks
Divisional Managing Director - Tony DeBell
Circulation Manager - William Pearson
Subscriptions - Nexus Media
Italian Rep - Causa Effetto - Maurizio Clemente


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