Lizard #20

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Lizard
Publisher Audio Cave
Printed by Takt
Graphic Design Image Design Group
Designed by Anna Kwiatkowska
Editor in Chief Marcin Mizerek
Manager Andrzej Mackiewicz
Editor of Publications Bartosz Leśniewski
Editorial Coordination Rafał Zbrzeski
Contributor Małgorzata Arabska
Contributor Patryk Antosiak
Contributor Jan Biernacki
Contributor Bartosz Buchholz
Contributor Basia Budniak
Contributor Błażej Budny
Contributor Michał Chalota
Contributor Piotr Chlebowski
Contributor Aleksander Filipowski
Contributor Adam Glinkowski
Contributor Lech Jarczyński
Contributor Jakub Kozłowski
Contributor Gerard Nowak
Contributor Fryderyk Nguyen
Contributor Krzysztof Opalski
Contributor Jarosław Sawic
Contributor Przemysław Siwik
Contributor Jakub Szczepaniak
Contributor Jacek Świegoda
Contributor Andrzej Tyszko
Contributor Witold Zimowski
About/Subject David Bowie
About/Subject Camel
About/Subject Lizard (Band)
About/Subject Frank Zappa
About/Subject Czesław Niemen
About/Subject Enigmatic (Album)
About/Subject Laddio Bolocko
About/Subject Arcadium
About/Subject King Crimson
About/Subject Progressive Rock
About/Subject Krautrock
About/Subject Howlin' Wolf
About/Subject Genesis
About/Subject Captain Beefheart
About/Subject Jefferson Airplane
About/Subject The Moody Blues
About/Subject Motörhead
About/Subject Rare Bird
About/Subject Primus
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 20
Barcode 9 772082 443600 03
ISSN 2082-4432
Price 15 PLN
Format Magazine
Publication Location Poland
Page Count 114 pages
Language Polish


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