Stanley G. Weinbaum

Dawn Of Flame And Other Stories


Main Details
Author Stanley G. Weinbaum
Foreword by Lawrence A. Keating
Copyright Holder Margaret Weinbaum
Printed by Ruppert Printing Service
Printed by Conrad H. Ruppert
Format Hardback
Publication Location Jamaica, NY
Page Count 313 pages
Chapters Foreword, by Lawrence A. Keating
Dawn of Flame
The Mad Moon
A Martian Odyssey
The Worlds of If
The Adaptive Ultimate
The Lotus Eaters
The Red Peri
Notes First Edition. Sponsored by The Milwaulkee Fictioneers and the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Fiction Guild.

Extremely rare. 500 copies were printed, but only 250 were bound. Of the 250 bound copies, five have an introduction by Raymond A. Palmer, the rest have a different introduction by Lawrence A. Keating.

This is the version with the Keating introduction.

Published in a flexible black fabrikoid binding (fabrikoid was cotton cloth coated with nitrocellulose, used as imitation leather), with red-stained page block edges and rounded corners.


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