DJ No. 103

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title DJ
Editor Christopher Mellor
Assistant Editor Helene Stokes
Designed by Michèle Allardyce
Contributor Dorian Silver
Contributor David Aldridge
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Charles Ward
Production Director/Manager Racheal Sutton
Contributor Ray Burmiston
Contributor Bob Coelho
Contributor Phil Cheeseman
Contributor Alex Constantinides
Contributor Andy Crysell
Contributor Muff Fitzgerald
Contributor Alex Gerry
Contributor James Hamilton (2)
Contributor Damian Harris
Contributor Princess Julia
Contributor Gordon Knott
Contributor Michelle Lanaway
Contributor Mark McNulty
Contributor Claire Morgan Jones
Contributor Andy Morris
Contributor Daniel Newman
Contributor Paola de Paola
Contributor Ronnie Randall
Contributor Richard Reyes
Contributor Louise Rhodes
Contributor Elsa Sharp
Contributor Donna Snell
Contributor Technohead
Contributor Frank Tope
Contributing Writer DJ Professor
Publisher Orpheus Publications
Cover Artist Stakka Bo
Cover photo Ray Burmiston
About/Subject Millionaire Hippies
About/Subject Ignorants
About/Subject Jodeci
About/Subject Stakka Bo
About/Subject Salt 'N' Pepa
About/Subject Velvet Underground*
About/Subject The Engine House
About/Subject Vague (2)
About/Subject Darrin Friedman
About/Subject Hex Hector
About/Subject Kenny Carpenter
About/Subject DJ Merritt
About/Subject Mark Tonderai
About/Subject DJ Paulette
About/Subject ICU
About/Subject The Corridor
About/Subject Stasis
About/Subject Autechre
Cover Date
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 103
Barcode 770951514000
EAN 2 4 8>
Price £1.75
Price $5
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 76 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes The fortnightly magazine for DJs & club people.

Actual credit role in this issue for Dorian Silver is What's Up, features information about artists, labels and the music industry.

Actual credit role in this issue for David Aldridge is Technoscan, DJ magazine's equipment and buyers guide.


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