Jenny Lewis

The Independent Catalogue: Issue Twelve


Main Details
Series The Independent Catalogue
Editor Jenny Lewis
Editorial Board Martin Aston
Editorial Board Richard Boon
Editorial Board Bill Gilliam
Editorial Board Dave Haslam
Editorial Board Brenda Kelly
Cover Artist The Afghan Whigs
Cover photo D A Fleischer
Cover Artist Magnapop
Cover photo Colin Bell (2)
Contributor Grahame Bent*
Contributor D Body*
Contributor Sarah Champion
Contributor Lois Darlington
Contributor Norman Darwen
Contributor John Eyles
Contributor Dave Freak
Contributor Sean Mcghee*
Contributor Dave Morrison
Contributor Edwin Pouncey
Contributor Dominic Redsell
Contributor John O'Regan
Contributor John Robb
Contributor James Robert
Contributor Jon Rogers
Contributor Martin Thomas (2)
Consulting Design Director Assorted Images
Printed by Aldgate Press
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Pinnacle*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Backs
Distributed by/Director of Distribution AK Books
Publisher The Independent Catalogue Ltd
Other The Rent Bloke
About/Subject Leo Records
About/Subject Biosphere
About/Subject Sun Ra
About/Subject Magnapop
About/Subject Idha
About/Subject John Trudell
About/Subject Afghan Whigs*
About/Subject Manchester
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 12
Price £1.50
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 32 pages
Language English
Notes Special Thanks credit in this issue is shown as Other in credit list.


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