Richard Boon

The Catalogue: Number 62


Main Details
Editor Richard Boon
Administrative Assistant Gill Newman
Cover photo Gino Sprio
Contributor Russell Brown
Contributor John Crawford
Contributor Guy Hayden
Contributor Mr. Hyde*
Contributor Kent Jolly
Contributor Pete Keeley
Contributor The Legend!
Contributor Dave McClaverty
Contributor Steve Morris
Contributor Geoff Muncie*
Contributor Harry Russell
Contributor John Shaw
Contributor Peter Wright
Contributor Nick Churchill
Contributor TJ Chambers
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Decode Design
Production Decode Design
Printed by Lithosphere Ltd.*
Publisher Rough Trade Distribution Ltd
Series The Catalogue
Cover Art by Jali Musa Jawara
About/Subject Craig Davies
About/Subject The Chesterfields
About/Subject W.O.M.A.D.*
About/Subject Andy Kershaw
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 62
Price £1.25
Price $2.50 US
Price 15 Francs France
Price 5 DM Germany
Price 3750 Lire Italy
Price 5 Guilders Netherlands
Price 3.5 Francs Switzerland
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 28 pages
Language English


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