Dan Brown

Kod Leonarda Da Vinci

2004 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Dan Brown
Translated by Krzysztof Mazurek
Editor Helena Klimek
Editor Beata Słama
Afterword by Zbigniew Mikołejko
Consultant Zbigniew Mikołejko
Cover Art by Jacek Kopalski
Cover/Jacket Design by Andrzej Kuryłowicz
Copyright Holder Dan Brown
Publisher Wydawnictwo Albatros A. Kuryłowicz
Publisher Wydawnictwo Sonia Draga
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Firma Księgarska Jacek Olesiejuk
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Wydawnictwo L & L
Typeset by Laguna
Printed by Opolgraf S.A.
Series Robert Langdon
This Edition Published 2004
Copyright 2003
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 83-919131-2-0
ISBN 10 83-7359-162-1
Barcode 9788391913123
Barcode 9788373591622
Format Paperback
Publication Location Poland
Page Count / Font 568 pages
Language Polish
Original Language English
Original Title The Da Vinci Code
Notes XI edition / I version.
Sonia Draga identifiers:
ISBN: 83-919131-2-0 , barcode: 9788391913123
Albatros identifiers:
ISBN: 83-7359-162-1 , barcode 9788373591622


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