Vague #24: The West Eleven Days Of My Life

(First Printing)

Main Details
Editor Tom Vague
Designed by Graham Harwood
Designed by Tom Vague
Contributing Artist Mark Jackson (2)
Contributing Artist Perry Harris
Photo Credit Jamie Maisey
Contributor Mark Allday
Contributor Raul Harding
Contributor Derek Harris
Contributor Stewart Home
Contributor Nick Jones (5)
Contributor Ramsey Kanaan
Contributor Allison Kimber
Contributor Steve Kingston
Contributor Joe McKoy-Jones
Contributor John Mead
Contributor Simon Morrissey
Contributor Sarah West
Printed by Aldgate Press
Distributed by/Director of Distribution AK*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Active*
Periodical Title Vague
First Printing
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 24
Price £2.50
ISBN 1 871692 04 0
ISSN 0964-7023
Format Zine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 47 pages
Language English


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