Benedict Anderson

The Age of Globalization: Anarchists and the Anticolonial Imagination

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Benedict Anderson
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9781781681985
Format e-Book
Publication Location London: Verso Books
Language English
Chapters 1. Prologue: The Rooster's Egg
The New Science
The Riches of Local Knowledge
Forest Brothers
Strange Beauties
Comparative Reflections

2. Allá... Là-Bas
Transnational Libraries
Nitroglycerine in the Pomegranate
A Legacy from Baltimore?
A Student of Homeopathy
Flaubert and a Future Murderer
Untried Pleasures
The Luxury of French
Writing Revenge
The Children of Rodolphe
Laughter and Suicide
Collaboration and Emulation

3. In the World-Shadow of Bismarck and Nobel
Passage to Europe
Bismarck and the New Geography of Imperialism
Le Drapeau Noir
Cacique Spain
The Orders: Dispossessed and Possessed
Black Wings
A Bosom Friend
The First Homecoming
A Schism within Émigre Nationalism
A Missing Library?
Interpreting El Filibusterismo: Transcontinentalism and Prolepsis
Dansons la Ravachole
An Enigmatic Smile

4. Trials of a Novelist
Chernychevsky's Question
Conrad Country
La Liga Filipina
The Second Homecoming
A Tropical Sibera
Marti's Insurrection
Rizal to Cuba?
New Conjunctures
Leaving Dapitan
Last Journeys
Weylerismo in Manila
Three Reflections

5. Montjuich
Tarrida's Crusade
Paris Radicalized
The Parti Ouvrier Beluge and Germinal
The Dreyfus Affair
Patriot of the Antilles: Doctor Betances
Angiolillo: From Foggia to Santa Águeda
Into the Maelstrom
Go East, Young Man
Who is the Enemy?
A Gentleman Globalized
The Antilleans
The Japanese
Chinese Connections
Pawa: Internationalizing the War
Malatesta to Manila
Afterglow West: Isabelo de los Reyes
Afterglow East: Mariano Ponce

Notes Originally published by Verso Books in 2005 under the name "Under Three Flags."


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